This Is How We Off Season

Snoballs were made for summer.

If you're like us, your memories of eating shaved ice as a kid probably include the blazing sun, tank tops and the smell of a swimming pool.

So...what do we do when it's not summer? Thanks for asking!

We consider the months of November-February the Retro Sno Off Season. This time is valuable, because it allows us to unwind, get inspired and then revamp. We work hard to bring you something better every year.

One way we stay inspired, for work and in life, is by cultivating a sense of adventure. As a food truck, we tend to attract the unconventional, explorer type. That might be why you're here, too! Many of our team members take advantage of the Retro Sno Off Season by traveling, and exploring food and culture that other places on the map have to offer.

Join us this year as we go on some #OffSeasonAdventures. We'll sample street food, frozen desserts and more from Denver to Paris. And we would love nothing more than if you'd join the fun! You can do that by:

  • Following @RetroSno
  • Tagging @RetroSno and #OffSeasonAdventures
  • Sending us your own #OffSeasonAdventures content at

Let's adventure together.

(And remember - if you need Retro Sno this fall or winter, we are still taking requests for private events. Snoballs and/or Retro Cocoa! Just click here.)


Morgan WilliamsonComment